I am constantly looking and searching for new and interesting wines. Sometimes I am looking for something specific, sometimes I take part in a wine jury, and sometimes I even look for a wine on special request from relations. All wines will be tasted and approved by myself together with a team of specialists and wine lovers.

I have a preference for artisan wines: wines made by producers who know the nature – the actual soil and land – and who learned to work with nature in such a way that the nature does the magic, and not the industry.

Someone who knows the possibilities of nature and who strives to make a wine as pure and original as possible, also has to do a lot of work in the vineyards and has to have a lot of patience during the period of maturing and selling. Therefore artisan wines are physically an financially not easy to produce: a producer will have to do a lot more than some other producers and he will see the return on investment for his work only after years. That is why artisan wines always will be higher priced.

But you will notice that difference, because after the severe selection of grapes, the low yields the producers are able to reach will be of the highest possible quality. These producers are almost always small family-owned companies: only those, who know the territory because they have been working the soil for generations, make the best of it!

Organic viticulture is growing and I am a definite supporter of it. Though: not everything that is presented as organic is okay! There are situations where organic products have to be mistrusted with reason. I am convinced that in the long run the organic viticulture will prevail, not only for ethical reasons, but also because in the end those wines will offer the best taste! All experts are convinced of this. However, organic or not: it is always important that a producer works carefully. Only then will there be a good symbiosis between nature and producer. Only then will that symbiosis produce fantastic wines!

On the other hand, some of my producers do not work organic but nearly organic, that is: for about 90-95%. Reason enough to not mention it on the label (this also because in some countries organic wines are not considered attractive and indicating as such would not stimulate the selling). But all products are authentic, and I recommend them.

The miracle happens in the nature, not in the cellar!

Wines of great interest