Beautiful PiemonteYou’ve most likely heard of cities like Udine and Triest. But did you know that around these cities, a wonderful wine region is situated with some of the world’s absolute best white wines? Collio, Carso, Picolit.. every Italian wine lover will share their opinion… There is much more though, a whole world of authentic and original wines, beautiful landscapes, hidden gems. With interesting cities like Gorizia with its typical ‘middle-European’ ambiance, or opportunities like sampling the hams of San Daniele!

About Slovenia

After the Second World War, many families suddenly found themselves divided between Yugoslavia and Italy: the new border, defined only in 1954, divided not only some of the most interesting wine regions in two, but also many families.
After the foundation of Slovenia, many wineries that were situated just across the border with Italy, followed their Italian family and started producing high quality wines, often only a few kms from Italy, but in Slovenia. It makes this region fascinating: imagine a great Merlot from Goriska Brda, or a Zelen from Vipava. Not to speak of those authentic family restaurants… The region is waiting to be rediscovered.

About Istria, Croatia

After the Fall of Yugoslavia, the beautiful region of Istria became for the first time in history part of Croatia. A lot of families had to adapt to yet another new state, and that was not the first time… A lot of wineries took up the challenge to create high quality wines from the typical soil of Istria. Beautiful wines like Malvasia and Teran make the region fascinating, but also its olive oil is of the highest quality. A typical ‘Istrian Konoba’ is not to be missed!

A Wine Tour in the Alpe Adria region is about learning to taste high quality wines of which many will be new to you. A number of other authentic gastronomic products will also offer new tastes and finesses. This is also a region where history and wars have left many traces. We will visit some interesting cities, enjoy traditional dinners, and you will learn some of its rich history, which will make the trip even more memorable.

With great pleasure I will introduce you to some well known and to some completely unknown places.

Participate to the WINE TOUR through North East Italy, Slovenia and Istria!

Provisional Program for 3 days

Day 1 visit to 2 wineries in Colli Orientali del Friuli and Collio.
Day 2 visit to a winery in the Vipava region (SLO) and one in Carso (IT).
Day 3 visit to one of the beautiful city of Triest, tasting of some of Slovenia’s coastal Malvasia wines, and a tasting with dinner in Istria (CRO).
Each day we will have, apart from guided visits to wine cellars, a lunch and a typical dinner in the local, authentic style. A rustic lunch in a wine cellar is included.

Provisional Program for 4 days

This program has the same structure as the 3-day programme, but will offer more time for visiting characteristic towns and the Istria region, which you won’t regret.

Provisional Program for 5 days (or more)

A 5-day tour will open additional possibilities and can be composed on request, with for example

  • A cooking course
  • Looking for truffles in autumn with an experienced local truffle hunter

Price PP: on request, depending on group size, availability and season.

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