Walter EynardWhen a talented chef manages to mix his roots with his own creative talents and authentique ingredients you may expect unique and interesting dishes. This is the case with Walter Eynard, once owner of famous restaurant Flipot (2**) in Torre Pellice situated in the Waldensian valleys in Piemonte. The Waldensians are an old protestant population living since the 12th century in the Piemontese Alps near Torino. During Middle ages and later the Waldensians were often persecuted and exposed to attacks, persecutions and even a forced exile. Val Pellice represents a unique patrimony of old protestant traditions and Walter is representant of their gastronomy values with original receipts dating from the hard times of persecutions. Eynard wrote two books (‘la cucina valdese’ and ‘cahier de cuisine‘ quoting many original and interesting dishes). ‘Waldensians lived in isolated conditions, forced to cook with scarce ingredients which they found in the mountains. They were also forced to study herbs and natural medecine and use these in their own kitchen’, says Eynard.
Eating out in Flipot to me remains one of my most exquisite memories of Piemonte. The rare dishes of Eynard with their roots in ancient traditions made it worth a long travel to that remote Waldensian valley. How happy to notice that Eynard now left the valley and started his restaurant close to Langhe and Barolo!  He took his Waldensian kitchen with him to the Somaschi Hotel, situated in an old monastery in the beautiful town of Cherasco (Piemonte) and brings a new and original kitchen to the already much praised gastronomy of the Langhe. Will this be the next Michelin star in the Langhe? A real surprise and a must visit.

Walter Eynard Restaurant
Somaschi Hotel Monastero di Cherasco
via Nostra Signora del Popolo 9, Cherasco (CN) Tel. 0172 488482
4 Calhiettes 1Calhiettes, one of the original Waldensian dishes of Eynard
3 Terrina di fagiano
Terrina di fagiano  (pheasant)

Walter Eynard, unique chef