CeraudoSometimes you meet someone who has created his own paradise, doing everything perfect, and it seems as this is just the most simple thing, which might be easy for everyone (but is not!).  Roberto Ceraudo is such a man. Being both a purist and a perfectionist, he produces some wonderful wines and olive oils. And the place is fantastic:  it is Calabria, at the east coast, near Ciro. Roberto – he is of the Albanian minority in Calabria, and speaks both Albanian and Italian – has founded his winery years ago and soon started to work organic. Take for example his Petelia Val di Neto bianco, a  blend of Mantonica and Greco Bianco grapes: elegance and pure fruit, some tropical fruits in its perfume and a long, somewhat mineral finish, a wonderful wine.
His restaurant, Dattilo, dotted with 1 star*, is one of my favourite places for eating out in South Italy. Eating here and meeting Roberto is one of those things one will never forget. When I had just arrived from the wild and arid inland of Calabria I found here an oasis of refined culture, of original dishes that represented something of Calabria with local ingredients, herbs and vegetables that I had never met before.
Next morning Roberto took me to Strongoli to show some parts of the old church telling me of the history of his territory – and by the way also showing a very rare monument of Aramese-Hebrew texts of 2000 B.Chr. on a marble stone in the church, proving how interesting and fascinating culture one can find here in this distant corner of Italy.

Roberto Ceraudo, visionary producer from Calabria