Marco SaccoMarco Sacco, is one of Piemonte’s most remarkable chefs, known from his fine restaurant Piccolo Lago (2*), situated at the western tip of Lago Maggiore near the Lago di Mergozzo. His kitchen is remarkable rich and innovative but at the same time works with local and authentic products only. Marco not only cooks in his own restaurant in Piemonte, but also in Asia, where he leads a group of chefs who are presenting Italian cuisine. He gives plenty of space to young talented chefs to develop their talents. After entering the restaurant the kitchen is visible where all chefs are busy with preparations. Marco finds that restaurants sometimes fail to be creative. Italy has so much interesting products that each chef may create something of his own. This unique diversity of products is the special character of Italy. And, yes, the dishes are completely original and very different from any dish I had before in other parts of Piemonte. Marco uses local produce to communicate with his guests in most original way.  (
DSC_2827Foto: Marco’s signature dish, a flan of Bettelmatt. Bettelmatt is a rare cheese from the Val Formazza in North Piemonte, with a mostarda of pears, a sauce of mountain blueberries.
DSC_2825Foto: Paolo Griffa. Piccolo Lago knows an excellent staff, with talented young chefs who will be noticed in future. One of them is sous-chef Paolo Griffa, who was elected most talented young chef of Italy (under 30) and presents Italy at Milan Expo. ( )

Marco Sacco, talented chef