Mimmo FreisaMimmo Freisa
Last week I visited Domenico Capello, in the region of Roatto, west of Asti. His surname is Mimmo, or ´Mimmo Freisa´. When you meet Mimmo it is inevitable: he will tell you about his Freisa. What not many people know is that Freisa once was almost the most planted variety in Piemonte. It is genetically close related to Nebbiolo and has also interesting characteristics, though not the same flavour potential. Nevertheless it is possible to produce interesting wines if the producer gives the right attention.
Mimmo produces 4 different versions of Freisa: rosé, rosé spumante, red sparkling (Freisa vivace) and red Freisa d’Asti DOC Superiore (with some percentage of dried grapes), all well made wines. This region of Piemonte, near Roatto, does not belong to Monferrato or Langhe. Domenico smiles and says that it perhaps is Astesana territory. Whatever, it is quiet, these hills never have seen any international visitor, after the armies of the 12th century..  This is one of those authentic and untouched corners of Piemonte!

a passionate producer of Freisa