Flavio MeistroThe interesting thing of wine is always to know the person behind. Flavio Meistro, wine producer in Costigliole d´Asti is such an interesting person, a bit contra-tendencial too because he lives in the Langhe but makes his wine in Monferrato. He is a bit worried because Monferrato doesn´t have the same reputation. His vineyards are situated in the eastern sector of Costigliole where soils are not much different from Langhe: it is still the same soil structure with intense layers of chalk. Nebbiolo thrives well here – hunderd years ago almost all vineyards in this area were planted with Nebbiolo grapes.
Flavio´s wines show personality, just like himself: robust, and strong. His Barbera d´Asti Superiore DOCG Fontanavi 2011 is one of the best Barbera´s I tasted: it is a blend of two vineyards, a beautiful mix of intense fruit, elegance and character. A wonderful wine, with capacity to age. His flagship wine, Badonet, vino rosso: no DOC because he does not need it, a blend of Nebbiolo (60%), Dolcetto (25%) and Barbera (15%): a delicate perfume and a rich taste that evolves with time, with hints of fresh, red fruit, some sweet, mineral, and a long finish. In Piemonte blends are not always popular, but this is a great wine! A blend of important ingredients that together will evolve into something even more important: 1+1=3.


Flavio Meistro, personality from Monferrato