Recent quotes on my wine;

Andrew Jefford, UK, journalist of Decanter, Fine Wine Magazine, Financial Times:

Paul Balke, Piemonte DOC Rosso 2013 – concept of Paul Balke / producer: Bera Az.agr.
70% Barbera, 26% Nebbiolo from Barbaresco, 4% Merlot.

Dark black red, with an autumnal glow – very attractive, mellow, sweet aromas: well-aged and resonant, complex and refined. Glowing embers, rich fruits, autumn-leaf depths.
Lovely poised ripeness and complexity here. – Intense, rich, searching flavours.
Driving acidity (thanks to the core of Barbera); but also very ripe acidity, intricately bonded to the mellow, complex, secondary fruits.Light, graceful tannins, very much in the background, impressive concentration, depth and drive. Very Piemonte. Excellent food wine for richer dishes.

Ronald de Groot, journalist of Dutch magazine Perswijn (NL, May 2018):

Paul Balke Goriska Brda belo 2015, 15,5 pt € 14,50

50% Sauvignonasse, 30% Rebula, 15% Pinot Blanc, 5% Pinot Gris
Honey, apricots, a light herbal note, flowers, quite strong, good acidity, a nice glass of wine, depth.

Paul Balke Piemonte DOC rosso 2013 15,5 pt € 17,95
70% Barbera, 26% Nebbiolo, 4% merlot

Herbal, a bit smoky, chocolate, cherry and flowers, prunes, a light salty note, warm and juicy, vanilla, quite round, attractive, fine acidity, light tannins.